Peak cooling load

Reduction in Peak Cooling Loads

The installed cooling loads for some TermoDeck projects in Saudi Arabia (one of the hottest climates in the world) have been compared with the designed cooling loads using conventional HVAC systems.
Installed Cooling loads (capacities) have been more than halved leading to a reduction in Peak cooling loads by over 50%.

Project Location Area (kvm) Cooling Load, Conventional (Tons) Cooling Load, TermoDeck (Tons) Difference, TermoDeck / Conventional (%)
Lotus Centre Jeddah 4 400 180 76 42%
Gulf Centre Jeddah 37 000 2 200 1000 45%
SNS Offices Riyadh 650 23 11 48%

Source: ASA Consulting

During three to five hours the reduction in peak cooling loads can be further reduced up to 90%.
See illustration below.

Reduction in Peak Cooling Load with TermoDeck

TermoDeck® System

TermoDeck differs from other energy saving systems because the overall construction cost is lower than conventional buildings as no extra equipment is added.

Thermal energy storage

Thermal energy storage (TES) systems can heavily reduce the installed cooling loads and peak power loads.

Energy efficient buildings

 TermoDeck® Buildings fulfill high requirements from an energy, enviromental and thermal comfort perspective.

Cost-efficient buildings

Independent reports have been carried out comparing capital costs of TermoDeck and conventional HVAC systems.

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