List of completed Termodeck projects

Totally, there are more than 430 projects incoporating the TermoDeck system.
In Sweden, Norway and United Kingdom (UK) more than 300 TermoDeck buildings have been completed since 1977. In the list below, all buildings are not included.


Name of Building Type of Building Location Size (sq.m)
Health Gymnasium Upper Secondary School Vaxjo 3,400
Sweco Building Offices Gothenburg 5,000
Public Administration Building Offices Solvesborg 4,200
Public Administration Building Offices Solvesborg 5,000
Kvarteret Motorn Offices / Health Centre Norrkoping 5,900
Kvarteret Treklovern Offices Karlstad 12,800
Kvarteret Spetsen Offices / Health Centre / School Norrkoping 6,000
Gardesskolan Upper Secondary School Gislaved 8,000
Infra City Centre Offices & Hotel Complex Stockholm 120,000
Gardesskolan - Addition Upper Secondary School Gislaved 1,200
Kv Lärkträdet Residential Vara 1,300
Tuletorget Residential Stockholm 13,400
kv Skåningen Residential Stockholm 4,100
Barkarbystaden Residential Stockholm 20,700
Kv Lyckan Offices & Restaurants Norrkoping 19,500
Kv Gladan Residential Stockholm 15,400
Kv Åsikten Residential Nossebro 2,000
Tabellen Residential Stockholm 5,000
Alsike; Knivsta Vrå Residential Knivsta, Stockholm 2,600
Taklampan 1 Residential - zero energy house Stockholm 5,300
Åsnen 4 Student Accommodation Årsta, Stockholm 2,200
KTH Testbed - Plus Energy House Student Accomoodation & Test Lab Stockholm 7,200
Backåkra - Brofästet 1 Residential Stockholm 5,000
Kv Hjulmakaren Residential Rissne, Stockholm 21,000
Totalisatorn / Jockeyn Residential Ulriksdal, Stockholm 6,700
Koppången (Brofästet 2) Residential Stockholm 8,000
Kv Lärkträdet 3 Residential Vara 1,300

United Kingdom

Name of Building Type of Building Location Size (sq.m)
Elizabeth Fry Building Library, Lecture Theatres, Offices Norwich 3,130
Kimberlin Library University Library Leicester 3,200
Boots Library University Library & Offices Nottingham 7,500
London Zoo Visitor Centre/Animal House London 900
Chetwynd House Offices, Post Office Chesterfield 6,467
Play Box Children's Theatre Warwick 700
Brampton Manor School, First Phase East London 2,000
University of East London University Essex 18,000
King Alfred?s College College Winchester 1,446
Armagh Theatre Theatre Armagh, (N.lreland) 4,500
Millennium School School/Health Centre Greenwich 3,272
Hexagon Housing Ass. Office London 1,382
Waseley Hills High School School Birmingham 570
Art Building Art Building Reading 1,569
ERI Building University Birmingham 4,000
TRC Building University Birmingham 3,977
MAB Building University Birmingham 4,017
Raynham House Offices King?s Lynn, Norfolk 1,390
Michael Young Building University Milton Keynes 3,540
Institute of Art & Design Art & Design Building Epsom, Surrey 1,988
Kingston University University Kingston, Surrey 1,900
Kingston Univ. Phase 2 University Kingston, Surrey 4,500
Call Centre, Brighton Call Centre Brighton 2,516
Oxstalls College College Cheltenham 1,688
School of Medicine University Norwich 1,580
Magistrates Court Law Court Hereford 2,207
Magistrates Court Law Court Worcester 3,231
Waterways Museum Museum Banbury 520
Carpenters College College London 600
Sailsbury School University Enfield 775
Institute of Arable Crops Research School Rothamstead 1,423
ICER Offices Scientific Areas Norwich 1,582
St Martins College University Office Ambleside 1,382
Met Office University Library Exeter 16,339
Strangeways Laboratory Laboratory Cambridge 600
Northern County Offices Office March 1,400
Selly Oak College Birmingham 745
Jacob Kramer Building College Leeds 1,270
Hautlieu School School Jersey 6,850
Halton Arts Centre Culture Centre Runcorn 600
East Anglia Courts Crown Courts Ipswich 3,500
East Anglia Courts Crown Courts Cambridge 2,700
South East Essex College College Southend 16,300
Brighton & Hove Library Library Brighton 2,260
Longley Park College Sheffield 2,600
Eliot Park Innovation Centre Offices Nuneaton 3,500
Stockley Academy City Academy Middlesex 4,850
New Brompton College College Gillingham 910
MHS Homes Head Quarter Chatham 3,283
Manchester Interdisciplinary Biocentre Research labs & Office Manchester 3,370
Nursing and Midwifery Lecture rooms & Offices UEA, Norwich 2,920
University of Hertfordshire Library & Labs Hatfield 1,900
Green Office, Thorpe Park Offices Leeds 3,600
Salford Law School Library & Offices Manchester 1,600
School of Medicine Phase II Teaching space & Offices UEA, Norwich 1,470
Howe Dell School Teaching space & Administration Hatfield 4,000
Haringey Sixth Form College Teaching space & Administration North London 3,870
Grantham Police Station Operational Areas Grantham 2,330
Police Federation Building Office & Administation Leatherhead 1,150
Exeter Innovation Centre Office Exeter 1,910
Lecture Theatre University Liverpool 720


Name of Building Type of Building Location Size (sq.m)
MikroTik Office Offices Riga 6,100

UAE (United Arab Emirates)

Name of building Type of building Location Size (sq.m)
Gulf Agency Corporation Head office Dubai 1,450
Jamil Foods Corridor Cold Store Dubai 600
Gems Dubai American Academy School Dubai 35,800
ASGC Labour Accommodation Dubai 10,200


Name of building Type of building Location Size (sq.m)
Lulu Hypermarket / Bausher Shopping Centre Muscat 20,000

Saudi Arabia

Name of Building Type of Building Location Size (sq.m)
SNS Offices Offices Riyadh 650
Lotus Centre Offices Jeddah 4,650
Ibrahim Aba Al-Khail Villa Residential Riyadh 1,250
Dar Jana Complex Motel / Villas / Offices Taif 3,500
Eye Hospital - Extension Examination Rooms / Offices Jeddah 980
Gulf Centre Offices / Shopping Centre Jeddah 37,000
Bridge / Admin, Umm Al Qura University Admin. Offices Makkah 1,710
Sports Centre, Umm Al Qura University Sports Makkah 4,530
College of Arabic, Umm Al Qura University College Makkah 2,260
College of Dawa, Umm Al Qura University College Makkah 2,400
Main Auditorium, Umm Al Qura University Auditorium Makkah 5,900
Dean of Girls, Umm Al Qura University Offices Makkah 2,850
College of Medicine for Boys, Umm Al Qura University Medical College Makkah 9,550
College of Medicine for Girls, Umm Al Qura University Medical College Makkah 8,400
College of Sharia, Umm Al Qura University College Makkah 2,200
Al-Ohaly Villa Residential Riyadh 1,225
Al Mohaisen Centre Offices Jeddah 8,500


Name of Building Type of Building Location Size (sq.m)
Maun District Hospital Hospital Maun 24,000
Business Innovation Hub Commercial / Science / Labs Gaborone 46,450


Name of Building Type of Building Location Size (sq.m)
Yarra Valley Water HQ Offices Melbourne 4,500


Name of building Type of building Location Size (sq.m)
Traugott Offices Toronto 800
Sheridan College College Brampton, Ontario 930
Hawthorne Village Public School School Milton, Ontario 690
Platinum Clinic Medical Building Scarborough, Ont. 460
GTAA Fire Training Centre Offices, Class rooms Toronto 2,730
Brock University - Plaza 2006 University St.Cathernis, Ont. 5,700
Humber College Academic Building Toronto 6,970


Name of building Type of building Location Size (sq.m)
E-Betoonelement Offices Harku 990


Name of building Type of building Location Size (sq.m)
Lysaker Office Offices Lysaker 5,000
Gjovik School School Gjovik 3,700
Stromsveien Offices Oslo 18,000
Oslo M Offices Oslo 30,000
Schous Bryggeri School Oslo 11,000


Name of Building Type of Building Location Size (sq.m)
EDS-data Offices Spijkenisse 4,000
Arbeidsinspectie Offices Nieuwegein 1,400
Ministry of Transport and Public Works Offices Hague 11,000

TermoDeck® System

TermoDeck differs from other energy saving systems because the overall construction cost is lower than conventional buildings as no extra equipment is added.

Thermal energy storage

Thermal energy storage (TES) systems can heavily reduce the installed cooling loads and peak power loads.

Energy efficient buildings

 TermoDeck® Buildings fulfill high requirements from an energy, enviromental and thermal comfort perspective.

Cost-efficient buildings

Independent reports have been carried out comparing capital costs of TermoDeck and conventional HVAC systems.

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