How TermoDeck® works

concrete slabs instead of traditional steel ducts

The TermoDeck® system is different from conventional technologies because it is integrated with the heavy structure of a building. The last part of the the supply air ductwork system consists of hollow core concrete slabs instead of traditional steel ducts. The supply air passes through the hollow cores of the slab before entering the room (see picture).

TermoDeck® uses the thermal storage capacity of the building´s structural mass to regulate the internal temperatures. The effectiveness of the building's thermal mass is enhanced by passing supply air through the slab before it enters the room. The slabs work as efficient heat exchangers between the supply air and the room.
Therefore, the supply air doesn’t differ by more than 3-4ºC from the room temperature resulting in no draughts.

Most part of the cooling and heating is radiation from the ceiling and floor surfaces of the slabs. This leads to a high indoor thermal comfort.

The floor/ceiling slabs serve many purposes:
- It is the structural floor
- It conveys fresh air into the building
- It serves as an energy store.
- The slab also acts as an efficient silencer so there is no noise from the system.

The picture shows how the slabs are incorporated into the building and how the main supply duct would normally be situated in the corridor. No ducts and therefore no false ceilings are required in individual rooms. This allows total freedom for the interior designer to locate, or re-locate in the future, the internal wall partitions.

Installation of hollow core slabs

Hollow core slabs are quick and easy to install using mobile cranes

Hollow core slabs are quick and easy to install using mobile cranes or typical on-site tower cranes.

The erection time for a pre-fabricated building compared to a conventional cast in situ concrete building can be reduced by up to 30%.

Factory produced hollow core slabs enable installation to take place during all weather conditions.

TermoDeck® System

TermoDeck differs from other energy saving systems because the overall construction cost is lower than conventional buildings as no extra equipment is added.

Thermal energy storage

Thermal energy storage (TES) systems can heavily reduce the installed cooling loads and peak power loads.

Energy efficient buildings

 TermoDeck® Buildings fulfill high requirements from an energy, enviromental and thermal comfort perspective.

Cost-efficient buildings

Independent reports have been carried out comparing capital costs of TermoDeck and conventional HVAC systems.

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