Complementary technologies


The Greater Toronto Airport Authority’s (GTAA’s) new Fire and Emergency Services Training Institute made use of the TermoDeck® system and SolarWall® to help the project achieve LEED™ silver certification. SolarWall serves to augment the performance of the air handling system by providing “free” solar heated air induction. Perforated steel cladding on the south elevation has been designed to form a solar air heating plenum, which can preheat incoming air by up to 17ºC above outdoor temperatures to reduce the building's energy use.


A private villa in Sweden belonging to the technical director of ClimateWell has both TermoDeck and ClimateWell's HVAC solutions installed.


Howe Dell School in UK, a 4,000 square metre building, has been developed with TermoDeck combined with an ICAX Interseasonal Heat Transfer™ (IHT) system. The IHT system integrates a playground solar collector, a Thermal Bank beneath the building to store energy and a ground source heat pump. Heat from the summer is stored in ThermalBanks and used in winter to heat the school through the TermoDeck structure of the building. These complementary technologies reduce the carbon footprint of the building. The high thermal mass of the TermoDeck structure stabilizes the temperature in the building and the IHT system recycles summer sunshine for use in winter.

The energy consumption is low as both daily and seasonal storage systems are installed.

TermoDeck® System

TermoDeck differs from other energy saving systems because the overall construction cost is lower than conventional buildings as no extra equipment is added.

Thermal energy storage

Thermal energy storage (TES) systems can heavily reduce the installed cooling loads and peak power loads.

Energy efficient buildings

 TermoDeck® Buildings fulfill high requirements from an energy, enviromental and thermal comfort perspective.

Cost-efficient buildings

Independent reports have been carried out comparing capital costs of TermoDeck and conventional HVAC systems.

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