Low energy consumption of Passive House in Vara, Sweden


The energy consumption has been measured for the passive house situated in Vara, Sweden incorporating the TermoDeck system. A report published in REHVAs* journal in January 2012 shows that the total energy consumption is as low as 33,1 kWh/m2, year. This low figure includes the total purchased electrical energy consumption (heating, hot water, property electricity and fans). The household electricty (used by the tenants) is not included.

* (REHVA = Federation of European Heating, Ventilation and Air-conditioning Associations)

TermoDeck® System

TermoDeck differs from other energy saving systems because the overall construction cost is lower than conventional buildings as no extra equipment is added.

Thermal energy storage

Thermal energy storage (TES) systems can heavily reduce the installed cooling loads and peak power loads.

Energy efficient buildings

 TermoDeck® Buildings fulfill high requirements from an energy, enviromental and thermal comfort perspective.

Cost-efficient buildings

Independent reports have been carried out comparing capital costs of TermoDeck and conventional HVAC systems.

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