Advantages of TermoDeck®

10-30% savings in energy consumption and 70-90% reduction of peak cooling loads. Read more

TermoDeck is an energy efficient building solution using free energy to heat and cool the building via thermal energy storage

An energy efficient building solution all year around is achieved due to energy storage of the heat gains in the concrete floor slabs (so called thermal energy storage). This allows for free night cooling and off peak cooling while the building will be mainly heated by persons, lights, equipment and sun radiation.

TermoDeck® System

TermoDeck differs from other energy saving systems because the overall construction cost is lower than conventional buildings as no extra equipment is added.


Since 1978 over 380 buildings have been constructed incorporating TermoDeck®, mainly in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, United Kingdom, the Middle East and North America.


TermoDeck is proven in all types of climatic conditions around the world and is intended for new buildings. See our answers to some frequently asked questions.

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